We offer a wide variety of solutions and products designed to meet the needs of the client. 
  1. Individual Financial Planning
    No matter what your level of wealth, working with our dedicated team of financial professionals can help you pursue your goals. Together, we will go through a comprehensive review process for managing your financial needs and goals and create a long-term plan customized to your needs. Or if you are already retired, reviewing your current plan in place to ensure you are on course for the long term. Retirement planning involves evaluating your current financial situation and creating an accumulation strategy that will help to ensure a desired retirement lifestyle. Because an individual's retirement years can span decades it is important to be confident you will have the income needed in your retirement. A successful plan put into place during the wealth-building phase will maximize growth and address tax-efficient distributions, as well as how to leave retirement assets to the next generation. Allowing you to leave a legacy for loved ones or the charity of your choice in a tax efficient manner Working together with us helps simplify the complexities of your financial life by focusing on managing your wealth in a systematic way for the long term.
  2. Employer Qualified Plans and Insurance
    Your plan, and how you manage it, increasingly is falling under intense scrutiny—not only from participants, but also from the regulatory bodies that are responsible for protecting participants' interests. We take the time to understand your objectives and design a program or plan that provides your employees with the greatest value and, to the extent possible, reduces your administrative responsibilities. With us as your partner, you can choose from a virtually unlimited universe of providers—free from proprietary vendor or product pressures and conflicts of interest. We will help you select the provider that most appropriately fits the specific needs of your firm and your participants. Our status as independent consultants enables us to provide your plan participants with what they value most - guidance to help them feel confident about the decisions they are making to pursue their goals. As your experienced partner, we will help you establish a strategy that fits the distinct needs of your firm and your employees.
  3. Health Insurance Solutions
    The Affordable Care Act turned the Health Insurance industry upside down for both employers and individuals. Individuals now without health insurance will be assessed a tax penalty when filing taxes. This could be hundred or thousands of dollars for some individuals. Avoid the tax penalty and get affordable coverage for yourself and family. We offer ACA Compliant Health Plans for individuals directly from my site. Simply go to the Health Insurance page and you can shop, click and enroll in less than 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please call us and one of our team members who will assist you in finding the right plan and solution for your needs.
  4. Medicare Solutions
    For Individuals turning 65 or older it can be a confusing time. Some continue to work, while others retire. For a majority of individuals turning 65; it is the beginning of Medicare enrollment and the options it provides. Medicare itself can be confusing and trying to decide which route to go can be a daunting challenge. We offer consultation for those on Medicare or turning 65 to review their options, review their plans, and find the right solution for them. By remaining Independent we are able to provide this advice without the constraints many Medicare agents are under. You deserve independent advice about your Medicare options. Find out your benefits and your options by contacting us now.
  5. Life Insurance Solutions
    Life Insurance is a large bucket of thousands of different products and carriers. Not all of them are appropriate and Insurance is never a "One Size Fits All" product. Life insurance can provide solutions for a multitude of needs. Legacy planning, final expenses, tax efficient wealth transfer, business planning, estate planning, and many others but most importantly providing peace of mind and security to your loved ones in the event of the unexpected. Protect your family and loved ones from the unexpected. Let's find the right solution for your situation and review your current policy to make sure it still fits your needs. Many times my clients do not know what benefits their policy may offer them. And of course we can make sure you have a policy that fits within your budget.
  6. Additional Services
    Many clients have needs that fall outside of these services and products. In an effort to assist them we also offer additional services products to help them find the right solution. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact our team of professionals and we'll help you find it and make sure it is the right solution for you. Some of these services include: - Annuities - Tax Preparation - Will & Testament - Legal Services - Realty Services - Mortgage Loans - Personal/Business Loans - Dental/Vision Coverage - Employee Voluntary Benefits - Telemedicine - Networking - Commercial Insurance - Property and Casualty Insurance - and Many more...Call me and let us help.