Life Insurance

Although people buy life insurance policies to pass on a financial benefit to their loved ones, the money can be used for other purposes. Additionally, a life insurance policy can also be a great living benefit for the policy owner as a financial product, with savings and tax advantages built into the policy. These benefits underscore the fact that not everything about life insurance concerns death.
Death Benefit
The main purpose of a life insurance policy is to provide financial security for your family, but the money can be used for many purposes after you pass away. It can pay for the funeral expenses, which can build up to $10,000. The death benefit can pay for estate taxes, pay off debt and provide money for estate administration. As far as financial security, the money can help with unresolved monetary responsibilities that the deceased left behind, such as house, car or any other loans, credit cards and other expenses. It can also fund your children's college expenses.
Savings Benefit
Whole life insurance policies provide a cash value account, which takes some of the premiums you pay and transfers them into an interest bearing account. Over time, this money can add up based on the investment performance of the company. Although a life insurance policy isn't an investment tool, it can be used to finance a retirement, pay for vacations and purchase big-ticket items such as a house, car, medical expenses and your child's education while you are alive.
Tax Benefit
When the beneficiary receives the death benefit from a life insurance policy, the money is transferred in a tax efficient manner. The money that is accumulating in the cash value account is also tax advantaged. If you decide to borrow against your policy by receiving a policy loan, the money will not be subject to taxation.
It makes sense to prepare for the unexpected and protect your family.  There are many different types of Life Insurance and it can be confusing to find the right one for you.  Our team can help you find the right solution for you with competitive rates. Most importantly you'll know your family is cared for and protected. 
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Learn how life insurance can benefit and protect you today. It’s the smart thing to do. Life insurance can protect the ones you love and be an integral part of your financial plan. We work with award winning reputable and competitively priced companies, so you know your budget and your family are covered.
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