Employer Qualified Retirement Plans (EQRP)

Qualified Plans

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There are several types of qualified plans available to employers and employees. These plans offer several tax benefits: they allow employers to deduct annual allowable contributions for each participant; contributions and earnings on those contributions are tax-deferred until withdrawn for each participant; and some of the taxes can be deferred even further through a transfer into a different type of IRA. Each plan type serves to solve a problem. We can help you find the right solution.  Our team of experts can find the right fit for you and your organization.

SIMPLE: The Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees is a retirement plan sponsored by employers. These programs are attractive for employers because they don't incur many of the administrative fees and paperwork of plans such as the 401(k). Employers also benefit from the tax-deductible contributions to the plan. Employees may elect to have salary deferrals to contribute to the plan. The employer has the option of matching the employee's deferrals,

SEP: A Simplified Employee Pension Plan is an individual retirement account for a self employed person or a small company with less than 25 employees. This plan allows employers to contribute on behalf of eligible employees. All contributions are tax deductible as a business expense and can be integrated with Social Security contributions, and
there is no minimum contribution requirement.

Profit sharing: An employer alone makes contributions based on an employee's current-year compensation.
Contributions: Employers can decide what amount and whether to contribute to the plan each year.
401(k)-Traditional/Roth: the most commonly known retirement plan type. A defined contribution plan that allows the employer and/or employee to make contributions, so that the final benefits depend on how much was in the account and the rate earned by the account's investments. An individual account must be set up for each participant in the plan.
Annuities: are defined benefit plans that have fixed monthly payments at the age of retirement. Note that annuities cannot be transferred into an IRA account, so the amount is taxed as regular income the year it is received. There are different options for annuities.
Defined contribution plans - mostly 401(k) and profit sharing--have come to dominate the retirement savings landscape in the U.S., and have taken on a primary role in how workers save for retirement.* Making a defined contribution plan work for your employees requires good plan design, administration and communication.
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