Looking for a Better Way?


We are a group of Independent and like-minded Insurance and Financial Professionals who wanted to grow our business, become more profitable and help our clients while holding ourselves to the highest levels of Integrity.

Founded by Agents and Financial Advisors who wanted to get away from the restraints of a captured position, limited product-offerings, lower commissions, and the ability to offer our clients true options; we've worked very hard to provide our agents the best training, technology, products and mentoring to help them grow their businesses.

If You are a current Agent and looking to go Independent; or looking to partner with an Agency that will help you grow your business with some of the highest payouts in the industry while still offering you and your business Full Independence, then contact us for a private discussion on if we may be the right partner for you.

Call us at 423-741-9108 or email at integrityagency2015@gmail.com. Inqueries should be directed to Thomas Young.

Why Us?

  1. High Competitive Payout
  2. Grow Your Business with A Partner Offering Training and Mentorship and New Opportunites.
  3. Offer Your Clients True Options. Don't tie them down to one carrier or Product Offering.
  4. Maintain Your Indepedence to Run Your Business Your Way if you want, or work with us to help you take your business to the next level.
Ready to Learn More? Contact our Recruiting Team Now To Confidentially Learn More About Your Options.
Tel.: 423-741-9108
Email: integrityagency2015@gmail.com
302 Sunset Dr. Ste 107,
Johnson City, TN
United States of America